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Shocking! Sunny Leone Lost 3 Swanky Cars To Mumbai Rains | People News

New Delhi: Love it or hate it – Mumbai rains are unavoildable. While rains soothe most with memories to cherish, others are left with traumatic experiences to remember. Actress Sunny Leone recently spilled the beans in an interview with Hindustan Times.  On how she feels about Mumbai’s monsoon, Leone said, “I had no idea that much rain could fall from the skies! I was living in Mumbai, really close to the ocean, when I came to India for work initially. My walls were bleeding, the moisture did so much to my things… but I loved the weather! Monsoon is probably one of my favourite times of the year. It cools down a bit, I get happy when it starts pouring outside, not to be in it though.”

Making a shocking claim, Sunny revealed, “I have lost three very nice cars to the rains, two in one day. It was horrible, I was crying because in India when you buy imported cars you pay an amazing tax on it. One was an eight seater Mercedes truck. I was not happy, but it’s okay, things happen, we can replace materialistic things and nobody was hurt. Now I drive an amazing India made truck that is built for the monsoons. I had bought the wrong car, and I love my India made cars now.” 

Despite the devastation caused by the rains, Leone allows her kids to have enjoy the weather, she told HT, “I want them to explore the rains and enjoy it, jumping around in puddles. I put on jackets on them with rain boots. As long as they are not getting sick from the rain.. there are certain things we don’t do in this season, which is eating outside sweets. I have been baking, as a promise to my children. They like eating cakes, cookies, I promised them I will make them at home, so I have been busy!”

Sunny Leone empathizes with the people who suffer reaching their workplace in rains. She said, “Unless I am physically detained in a hospital because I am sick, or there is something wrong with me or my children, I will always show up. Maybe in the monsoons it takes a little time but everybody is adjusting. It doesn’t affect me so much because I stay inside but there are people who commute or have to walk, or take the public transport, maybe the drainage system around them is not great, they are heavily affected. We have to be mindful of all the people and workers who work for us. They they might get late or need an off because they are stuck, or their houses are flooded, they need help. We have to help them, and take care of people around us. I enjoy the rains from a distance and fortunately not affected the same way.”

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