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Shraddha Kapoor Participates In ‘Moye Moye’ Trend, Stirs The Interet With This PAWSOME Post | People News

New Delhi: Before diving into the bustling schedule of the highly awaited movie, ‘Stree 2’ in Chanderi, Shraddha Kapoor decided to soak in some precious moments with her furry companion, Shyloh. What makes this rendezvous even more delightful is Shraddha’s playful entry into the viral Moye Moye trend, adding her own twist to the internet sensation.

The Siberian tune, which has been captivating audiences online, found a new enthusiast in one of Bollywood’s most loved actress Shraddha Kapoor. Joining the league of influencers and content creators, the actress recently shared her own Moye Moye post, infusing her charm into the trend that has taken the internet by storm.


As soon as Shraddha embraced the Moye Moye trend, her social media platforms became a hub of excitement. Netizens and ardent fans flooded her comments section with adoring messages, initiating a delightful banter between the actress and her followers. The fun and cute comments created an infectious camaraderie, making Shraddha’s social media a joyful space.

Accompanying a series of heartwarming photos with her four-legged friend Shyloh, Shraddha shared, “Moye Moye coz l goye for shoot tomorrow and I will miss my little boye.” The rhyming caption added a playful touch to her post, resonating well with her fans. Comments like “Moye Moye when you don’t post a picture; Oye Hoye when you post a picture” and “Shyloh bhi kuch din araam se soye abse disturb krne walaa na koye @shraddhakapoor” reflected the fun and affectionate interaction between Shraddha and her followers.

While one fan commented on Shraddha’s creative caption writing skills mentioning no one can beat her at it in her comment section, “You don’t have to be an actress. In fact, you should be a shayar after this”, the fun banter resulted in a meme communication where the followers and fans enjoyed the fun conversation in the trendy Moye Moye version. 

The actress continues to captivate hearts, not only with her on-screen charisma but also with her delightful off-screen moments and unique choices.

As Shraddha Kapoor gears up for her shoot in Chanderi for one of her most loved characters, her Moye Moye moments with Shyloh have not only won the internet but have also cemented her status as a Bollywood star who effortlessly combines glamour with genuine relatability.

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