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Shrek 5 Release: Makers Lock July 26, Original Cast To Return | Movies News

Washington: Directed by Walt Dohrn, known for his contributions to the ‘Shrek’ universe, including ‘Shrek 2’ and ‘Shrek the Third,’ and produced by Gina Shay and Chris Meledandri, ‘Shrek 5’ promises to continue the beloved saga that began with the 2001 original, according to Variety.
This installment is expected to provide a fitting continuation and conclusion to the series.
The announcement was shared at DreamWorks Animation’s official X handle.

Eddie Murphy inadvertently revealed in June that he had already started recording his lines for the film and hinted at a spinoff centred around his character, Donkey, according to Variety.
“We started doing [‘Shrek 5’] months ago,” Murphy mentioned, adding, “I did this. I recorded the first act, and we’ll be doing it this year, we’ll finish it up. ‘Shrek’ is coming out and Donkey’s gonna have his own movie.”
The ‘Shrek’ franchise, which began as a surprising box office success in 2001, has since become a cultural phenomenon, earning accolades including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for its inaugural film.
With subsequent installments like ‘Shrek 2,’ which reportedly grossed nearly USD 1 billion worldwide, the series has remained a staple of animated entertainment.
Chris Meledandri, overseeing the franchise’s revival at Universal Pictures, emphasised the importance of retaining the original voice cast, which he described as integral to the charm and success of the series.
“The challenge for us has been to find something that really does feel like it’s not simply yet another film in a series of sequels,” Meledandri remarked in an interview, according to Variety.
The announcement of ‘Shrek 5’ comes amidst the continued popularity of the franchise’s spinoff, ‘Puss in Boots,’ with recent entries like ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’ enjoying both critical acclaim and box office success.
Reportedly, negotiations are currently underway to finalise deals with the returning cast members, ensuring that fans can look forward to the familiar voices of Myers, Murphy, and Diaz bringing their beloved characters back to life once again. 

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