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Singer Chinmayi Shripada, who became a mother of twins after eight years of marriage, has given both of them a very unique name – chinmayi sripada and rahul ravindran welcomes twins singer gave them unique names

Singer Chinmayi Shripada, who sang the song ‘Titli’ from the Bollywood film ‘Chennai Express’ and the song ‘Mein Rang Sharbaton Ka’ from ‘Fata Post Nikla Hero’, has two children at home. Chinmayi has become a mother of twins. Not one but two cradles are built in Singer’s house. Chinmayi has given birth to a son and a daughter. Chinmayi has given this good news to the fans through Instagram. At the same time, a glimpse of children has also been shown. The name has also been revealed. Chinmayi has given a very unique name to both the children. At the same time, she explained why she did not share a single picture of herself during the pregnancy.

Singer Chinmayi Shripada has shared pictures of Baby. In one photo, the singer is holding the hands of the children, while in the other, it can be seen that there is a baby in Chinmayi’s lap. Both pics are very good. In the caption, Singer also mentions the names of both the children. He has written, Dripath and Shravas. Always the center of our universe. Singer said she could not respond to a message because her account had been banned from Instagram.

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After hearing the news of the birth of the children, the fans started asking her why she did not share the news of the pregnancy in the end, whether these children were born through surrogacy. But babies are not actually born through surrogacy. “People are texting me asking if these babies were born through surrogacy, as I have not shared a single picture of the pregnancy,” Chinmayi said in another post. Only those who were very close to me knew about this. I was protecting myself.

“I have always been and will always be vigilant about my personal life, family and circle of friends,” Singer wrote. Even a picture of my children will no longer appear on social media. Let me tell you, I was going to bhajan during cesarean when my two children were coming into this world. After more information, that’s all for now.

Let me tell you that Chinmayi Shripada was married to South actor Rahul Ravindram in the year 2014. After being in a relationship for a year, he took seven rounds according to South Indian customs. After eight years of marriage, they have become parents.

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