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Singer Shweta Mohan Faces Heat For Responding to Woman Molested At AR Rahman Chennai Concert | People News

New Delhi: Music maestro AR Rahman was recently in the headlines after his recent Marakumma Nenjam concert in Chennai witnessed stampede-like situation and alleged molestation and sexual harassment. As per several reports, organisers probably oversold thousands of tickets, much beyond the capacity of the place. While the venue could host around 20,000 to 25,000 people and that was the footfall expected, around 50,000 people turned up for the concert on Sunday. 

People who went to the venue were in complete shock looking at the jamp-packed concert and called it a scam. Some of them accused the singer for the scam and shared several videos and photos from the concert on social media. 

Amidst the fiasco around AR Rahman’s Marakkuma Nenjam concert, Shweta Mohan came out in his support on X, formerly known as Twitter. She replied to a post from an audience who said she was groped and molested at the AR Rahman’s concert. However, her post did not go well with the internet users who accused her of whitewashing the singer’s image, after the incident.


Shweta Mohan’s respoended to a tweet which read, “Woke up to having such a weight in my heart. The unsafe feeling I have today is haunting me. One of the people who groped me, literally looked into my eyes when I just asked him for the way and move. I’m exhausted.” The post also came with a video of someone whose hands were visibly shaking after the Sunday concert.

Shweta, while responding to the post, expressed her solidarity and wrote, “Unable to ignore this tweet. For an icon who has stood for peace, love and humanity all his life, it is extremely unfortunate that this has happened at his concert where the music has always eased the pain for all attending.”

“Does ARR Sir deserve such perpetrators as fans attending his concert? He deserves better, way better. In every concert, he dedicates a song especially to women as a reminder to every man of the respect he needs to carry for every woman. But Alas! Stay strong, #Singapenne!! We live in a heinous society. My heart goes out to you. Sending you energy to help overcome this and rise again! Unakkaaga Neeye Udippaai Amma.”

However, some of the users were not too pleased with her post and accused her of trying to whitewash his image. A user reacted to her post and wrote, “He did this in Singapore, Malaysia and now he’s doing it here! You guys don’t stand for people. You clowns. Take accountability and responsibility instead of whitewashing his image.” 

“Then ask your ARR sir to issue an apology and refund the tickets, it’s very simple,” added another. 

Another comment read, “Highly insensitive and tone deaf post.”

On Sunday, Oscar award-winner AR Rahman performed at a concert titled Marakuma Nenjam at Adityaram Palace in Chennai. Due to organisers’ mismanagement, tickets for the concert were oversold almost twice over, which resulted in a stampede-like situation at the venue.

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