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‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame Dev Patel risks life for stranger, jumps in between couple’s fight – slumdog millionaire fame dev patel tried to stop violent fight

Remember actor Dev Patel? Slumdog Millionaire fame Dev Patel whose film reached Oscar and now he has made a prominent name in Hollywood. But now Dev Patel is in discussion not because of any of his films but because of a venture. He is getting a lot of praise on social media. Dev Patel of Indian origin risked his life to save the life of a stranger in Australia. Not only that, he stood there to protect the injured person until the police reached the spot.

Dev Patel lives in Adelaide, Australia and the incident also took place there on August 2. Dev Patel along with some of his friends went to a general store there to buy goods. At that time, a couple was fighting near the general store. The fight escalated to such an extent that a fight started between the two and the woman stabbed the man in the chest.

When Dev Patel and his friends saw this, they immediately intervened in the couple’s fight. Dev Patel also risked his own life to save that person’s life. Dev Patel remained there till the police reached the spot. This video of Dev Patel is going viral on social media and fans are praising the Bharpet actor. People are saying that Dev Patel is not only a reel but also a real life hero.

The injured person was sent to hospital for treatment and the police also questioned Dev Patel in connection with the incident. At present, the condition of the injured person is known to be stable. Talking about Dev Patel, the actor started his acting career with the film Slumdoll Millionaire. This film made him a star overnight. This film won about 8 Oscars.

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After this film, Dev Patel acted in many films including Life of Pie, The Man Who Knew Infinity, The Green Knight, Lion. Dev Patel will now be seen in the film Monkey Man, which is also directed by himself.

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