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Superstar Rajinikanth-Starrer ‘Jailer’ Crosses Rs 100 Crore On Opening | Regional News

New Delhi: Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ is doing wonders at the box office. While early estimates had shown that the film would gross over Rs 25 crore, the movie has surpassed that figure massively earning over Rs 100 crore in just two days and is expected to gross over Rs 500 crore in its lifetime with the potential to earn more.

Discussing the film’s potential, trade Analyst Ramesh Bala told IANS: “The Rs 100 crore opening was not a full-out surprise as ‘Jailer’ was expected to explode in the five Southern states, particularly in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and the Telugu speaking states. Karnataka has also given a good contribution but it is primarily the Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu states.”

Talking about the film’s expected weekend collection, Ramesh Bala said: “See I am expecting that by the end of Sunday night, the number will reach Rs 275 crore by Monday.”

Asked if the Tamil movie will keep this great momentum, he said: “Yes it will, Monday and Tuesday, particularly Tuesday since it’s Independence Day. Then I expect it to slow down a bit on Wednesday, but it will pick up its pace again on Thursday and Friday, and keep this momentum for quite a while.”


Queried about the reasons behind the movie’s great success, he said: “Jailer has a massive market in the South, and even a huge international market in countries such as USA, Canada, Europe, UK, UAE, the Gulf states, Malaysia, Indonesia. Some of the other big markets include places like Hong Kong, China and some other Southeastern countries.”

However, another big international market for the Superstar is Japan. About why doesn’t Japan factor into the equation there, he said: That is true, Rajinikanth is a big face in Japan, but the movie has not been released there as of yet. They have a delayed release, and will have limited screenings, but it will do quite well there.”

On the film’s lifetime collection, he said: “Lifetime collection I am expecting as of now based on the numbers to be around Rs. 500 crore, it could go even further, but how much I cannot say just.”

When questioned about if the movie will be as big a hit as movies such as ‘Pathaan’ or ‘RRR’ and enter the Rs 1000 crore club, he said: “I doubt it. You see, these movies had appeal throughout the world, whereas ‘Jailer’ is mostly a Southern audience film with select international markets. These movies also have a level of spectacle with them which ‘Jailer’ doesn’t have. But it does have the potential, so I am not ruling out that possibility.”

Asked about its Northern market, as ‘Jailer’ has gone housefull in theatres in cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, he said: “Yes it is true. ‘Jailer’ does have a good market in select Hindi states, and its Hindi dub could do very well in these markets, not nearly as well as Southern markets, but yeah, those numbers will have a noticeable impact.”

Concluding the interview, Ramesh Bala was asked whether ‘Gadar 2’ will beat  ‘Ponniyin Selvan 2’ and become the biggest Tamil grosser of 2023, he said: “By my estimates, I’d say yes. ‘PS 2’ did very well, not as high as was expected but still did very well.”

“But when coupled with the face of Rajinikanth and his fame in the South, ‘Jailer’ could become the biggest Tamil film of the year. Things are a bit uncertain right now as markets tend to fluctuate, but the potential is clearly there.”

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