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Swayamvar: Was it already decided that Mika Di Vohti-Akanksha Puri will be partnered by Mika Singh? Neet Mahal spoke the truth – swayamvar mika di vohti neet mahal spoke about akanksha puri and mika singh

It’s been a month since the show ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’ came to an end and singer Mika Singh found his partner, but the buzz is not stopping. The show’s finalist Neet Mahal, who is enjoying the popularity of the show, recently spoke to our partner ETimes TV about her life after the show, bonding with Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri’s entry as a wild card. did

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Neet Mahal’s life changed after participating in ‘Mika Di Voti’
Talking about the change in life after participating in ‘Mika Di Voti’, Neet Mahal said, ‘Life has changed a lot. Before the show I was working in Punjab. Mika Di Voti has made me known all over the world. When the show was on, I was getting messages from people from America, London and even from all corners of our country. I got a lot of love and appreciation. Didn’t expect it when I joined the show. I did not join the show for publicity’.

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‘It hurt Mika not to mention my name’
Asked if she was disappointed that Mika Singh did not select her, Neet Mahal said, ‘I was one of the strongest contestants on the show. I gave tough competition. Mika and I bonded naturally. We became friends. I worked with him 4-5 years ago and he didn’t remember it. I recalled the song we had shot in Delhi. I saw a different side of Mika. He is a very good person. His image among people is quite different. People loved our chemistry. I also got some messages from people wanting to see me together. I was surprised for a while when he didn’t mention my name but later I accepted. He was his swayamvar and so the choice was his to stay. I felt bad and it was hard to accept. But whatever happens happens for good’.

What did you say on Akanksha Puri’s win?
Asked about Akanksha Puri’s entry and her winning controversy, Neet Mahal said, ‘I have no evidence to say that it was all pre-planned. Those are rumours. But when aspiration came, I didn’t think she came to get married. It was a confusing situation at that time. When she arrived, she said that she is close to Mika as a friend and they will always be by each other’s side. So we all thought she was here to help Mika find a partner. Because, Mika used to get confused about girls. When Akanksha was in the top 4, I noticed a few things and it made me think that everything was pre-planned. Also when Mika met his family I felt something was different and it was suspicious.’

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