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Sweet Kaaram Coffee: Three Inter-Generational Women Set Out On Road Trip To Self-Discovery | regional news

New Delhi: Prime Video’s upcoming Tamil Original series, Sweet Kaaram Coffee, is an adventurous story of three inter-generational women, traveling together to discover themselves and explore their lives from a fresh perspective. Here are five reasons why ‘Sweet Kaaram Coffee’ should make it to your watchlist:

star cast

Actors like Lakshmi and Madhoo have carved a niche for themselves in mainstream cinema over the years. Watching them act in these unconventional roles not only increases our respect for them as artists, but also elevates the flavor of such web-shows, which narrate unique stories that need to reach wider audiences across borders.

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Empowers Women

Sundari (Lakshmi), Kaveri (Madhoo) and Nivedita (Santhy), is a grandmother, mother and daughter trio who battle with patriarchy all around them on a daily basis. Be it Sundari’s unconventional desires, Kaveri’s need for self-love or Nivedita’s passion for her profession, all three face trouble from the world around them for not fitting into the mould. When these simple wants of women are suffocated by society, we realize what a long way our world needs to go to give women the freedom and space they truly deserve.



Sweet Kaaram Coffee’s recently released music album is an amalgamation of songs and tunes that get stuck on repeat inside your head. Composed by Govind Vasantha, the album features songs sung by popular singers like Javed Ali, Aditya Rao, Kapil Kapilan, Keerthana Vaidyanathan, and Sathyaprakash among others. The soothing baritones alongside soul-stirring music is truly an auditory treat!

Journey To Self-Discovery

Sweet Kaaram Coffee is not just a feel-good story but also relatable across Pan-Indian audiences. The story’s depth lies in the nuances of the characters and their journeys, both outwardly and inwardly. Sundari, Kaveri and Nivedita have had their fair share of challenges, but their zest for life and their determination to overcome these struggles is what hooks you to their adventure.

Bridges Generational Gap

It is refreshing to see three women, from different generations, drawing parallels in their lives against the stifling patriarchy. Sweet Kaaram Coffee shows the essence of how women across ages survive, live and love, and how their stories are worth telling and listening to. It connects with you not because it feels heart-warming but because you see reflections of the women around you in them.

Prime members in more than 240 countries and territories around the world will be able to stream the series starting July 6 in Tamil, along with dubs in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi.

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