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Tanishaa Mukerji, 44-year-old in search of ‘ideal man’ Tanishaa Mukerji responds to comparisons with sister Kajol – tanishaa mukerji describes her ideal man said he would be a really good friend

Despite being the daughter of veteran actress Tanuja and younger sister of Kajol, Tanishaa Mukerji has not got as much popularity as her. He has worked in numerous films like Neil & Nikki, Sarkar and Sarkar Raj in his career so far and they too have been flops. Currently, in an interview given to ETimes, he talked about being the third generation of actors in the family. Apart from this, the sister also opened up about her bonding with her daughter Nysa and son Yug and what she thinks about marriage. Asked about the pressure of being the third generation of actors in the family and how he handles the comparisons, he said, ‘Being the third generation of actors in my family is not difficult. I have said this in many interviews before.


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Tanisha’s reaction to being compared to her sister and mom
‘We do not compare within the family. People might compare us but we don’t. We are individualistic and have very distinct personalities. So, it’s difficult to talk to us like that’, added the actress.

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How to handle trolling?
Celebrities are often the target of trolls, especially actresses. How do you handle trolling? In response, he said, ‘I love being on social media. This is a medium through which you can stay connected with fans. As for trolls, I don’t pay attention to them. This is the best option to deal with them’.

Tanisha Mukherjee shares her definition of an ideal man
Tanisha Mukherjee has turned 44 and fans are eager to know when she will get married. Telling what is the definition of an ideal man for her, the actress said, ‘For me, my ideal man should be my best friend. He should accept my weaknesses and strengths equally. He should let me be strong and respect me for this’. On bonding with sister Kajol’s daughter Nyssa and son Yug, she said ‘I am close to both of them’.

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