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‘Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma’ shooting stopped due to ‘Bhide’ and ‘Tappu’

‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ shooting was recently abruptly stopped. Mandar and Raj, who play Bhide and Tappu, are responsible for this.

Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma Highlights:

  • Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma characters Mandar Chandwadkar and Raj Andakat were the victims of Corona this year.
  • Mandar called and told the production house that he could not come to the shooting.
  • The production house canceled the shooting as it was not on the Mandar set.

‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ serial has been entertaining the viewers for the last 13 years. Shooting resumed in May after months of cessation in the Corona era and since then they have been making people laugh by making new episodes. However, shooting on the set was halted on Sunday.

The reason is that actor Mandar Chandwadkar playing the role of the Bhide and actor Raj Andakat playing the role of Tappu.
On Sunday, Mandar Chandwadkar called the production house and informed that he could not come for the shooting. According to the information received, Mandar kept a distance from the set as it was a severe cold so that the safety of others was not endangered.

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Asit Kumar Modi canceled the shooting

Shortly after Mandar’s call, the show’s producer Asit Kumar Modi canceled the shooting.
Our associate Itimes TV has got information that actor Raj, who has been playing the role of Tappu for the last special day, used to come on the set regularly.

However, he arrived when his scene was ready but he did not arrive on set on Sunday. Raj did not shoot not only on Sunday but also on Monday. According to sources, “Raj is not sure what happened but it could be viral.”

After taking leave on Sunday, Mandar returned to the set of ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ on Monday afternoon. Due to which the shooting took place on the set of the show as usual. “Yes, I was not feeling well. In fact, all the scenes were mine yesterday. We are currently shooting Ganeshotsav scenes, which could not be shot yesterday,” Mandar Chandwadkar said when contacted by our associate Itimes TV.
Mandar was hit by a corona in March 2021 and stayed away from shooting for 15 days. Not only Mandar but also Raj Undkat, who plays Tappu, has become a victim of Corona. Raj revealed this in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel. He also didn’t go on shooting for 15 days after Corona was infected.

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