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Tarla Movie Review, Movie Review: Tarla – Huma Qureshi starrer tarla movie review in english

Actor: Huma Qureshi, Sharib Hashmi, Bharti Achrekar, Bhavna Somaiya
Director: Piyush Gupta
Series: Hindi, Biopic, Drama
Time: 2 hours 7 minutes
Rating: 3.5/5

‘Son first get married then do whatever you want to do’. In our society, girls have always been shown dreams in this way. Noted chef and cookbook writer Tarla Dalal also dreamed of doing something about five decades ago. She was supported by her husband in this struggle. There is also a dialogue in the film where Tarla’s husband’s boss tells him, “It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman’s hand but women do not get the shoulders of men to succeed.”


The story of the film is based on the life of celebrity chef Tarla Dalal. Tarla wanted to do something since she was young. They say, ‘I want to do something but don’t understand’. Tarla took a promise from her husband at the time of marriage, that when she realizes what she wants to do, he will let her do it. After marriage, a decade of Tarla’s life is spent in domestic life and taking care of children. Tarla, an expert in cooking from scratch, once taught a neighbor’s daughter to cook a delicious meal before her wedding. After that, there was a line of girls who wanted to learn cooking before marriage. Tarla also wrote cook books and did cooking shows to spread her cooking skills to the masses. During this time there were many difficulties but Tarla did not lose courage. He was also honored with Padma Shri.


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Piyush Gupta, who assisted Nitesh Tiwari in superhit films like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Chichhore’, has brought the life of Tarla Dalal to the screen beautifully and also portrayed her struggles in an inspiring way. Based on Tarla in the film, he has also preached women empowerment. The story and screenplay of the film will not let you get bored. Once you start watching the movie, you will directly reach the time five decades ago. Piyush has served 20 to 50 years of Tarla’s life like a spicy recipe. He set out to make a biopic of a person who is no longer in this world and succeeded.


Huma Qureshi, who has shown her acting prowess in the web series ‘Maharani’, has earned the trust of the filmmaker. By doing excellent acting in the film, she has proved that her name can be included among the actresses who can do Mahila Pradhan films. Sharib Hashmi has also acted well in the film. The rest of the actors have also done justice to their character.

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If you want to watch an inspiring and beautiful movie this weekend, you can watch ‘Tarla’ on OTT at home with the whole family.

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