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Taylor Swift Reunites With Ex-Boyfriend Taylor Lautner Onstage During Eras Tour in Kansas City stst | People News

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular music icons in the world. The singer has a huge fan following, and people go crazy whenever she drops her new album. Taylor Swift, as part of her Eras Tour at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, decided to surprise her fans with a big reveal. According to reports, she invited her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner on stage to unveil the official video of one of her songs. Her fans went crazy seeing the duo unite on stage after a long time.

Taylor Swift Calls Ex-BF Taylor Lautner On Stage

Lautner arrived on stage in grand style with a cartwheel and a backflip. The crowd erupted after seeing the reunion. He was also accompanied by Joey King and Presley Cash, and all of them will be featured in the official video of Taylor Swift’s hit song, I Can See You (Taylor’s Version). Along with that, Taylor Swift also greeted her fans with the re-release of her third studio album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).


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Soon after the music video was released, Taylor Swift tweeted, “WELL. SO. I’ve been counting down for months, and finally the ‘I Can See You’ video is out. I wrote this video treatment over a year ago and really wanted to play out symbolically how it’s felt for me to have the fans help me reclaim my music. I had my heart set on Joey King, Taylor Lautner, and Presley Cash starring in it. Joey and Presley had been in the video for ‘Mean ‘ when they were 9 and 13, and they’re back and so ridiculously bad ass!”

Taylor Swift – Taylor Lautner Love Story

Lautner and Swift dated each other during the filming of Valentine’s Day. After dating for a brief period, the two amicably parted ways. According to reports, Lautner was the inspiration behind Swift’s heartfelt song, Back To December, and he is among the very few of her ex-boyfriends who are still liked by her fans. Their fans are delighted to see their reunion in the music video

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