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The limit is reached! uorfi javed designs dress made from mirrors uorfi javed designs dress made from mirrors

Uorfi Javed, who has become a fashion icon, is always experimenting with her look. Urfi Javed goes out wearing such unique and quirky clothes that sometimes one wonders where Urfi gets such ideas from? Javed alias Javed has been trolled many times due to his extravagant clothes, but it doesn’t matter what anyone says. And that’s why Urfi is back with the latest outfit once again. This time Urfi has come wearing clothes that are hard to imagine! Urfi, who makes clothes out of simple things by giving them a fun twist, is now wearing a dress made of glass.

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An outfit made of glass

Surprised to read? Urfi Javed has shared a video of the outfit made of glass on his Instagram account. Every time aka Javed Awanwa used to show her face with an outfit but this time she has also made a glass mask and covered her face with it. Urfi has made a mask by collecting small pieces of glass and wearing it in such a way that the whole face is covered. Seeing this, an idea also comes that how could Urfi breathe in this? Urfi Javed has tried to give the shape of a disco ball. She has also covered her breasts with pieces of glass. While posing with the button of jeans open. Sharing the video, Urfi wrote, “Dard-e-disco. What credit should I give to the hair and makeup in this?”

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People joked

The kind of look Urfi tries for takes courage. Urfi’s fans are praising her look. So some social media users are criticizing it. “One more sample,” wrote one user. Some users wrote, ‘That’s all that was left to see.’ Another user wrote, ‘Let’s forgive Sunny Leone too.’ “Got crazy or what,” wrote one user. Another user wrote, “Are there disco lights.” Also, one user compared alias Javed to Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra, writing, “Oi…Raj Kundra.” Let it be known that after being released from prison in a porn case, Raj Kundra wears a mask in such a way that his entire face is covered whenever he appears in public, and that is why people have compared Urfi with Raj Kundra after seeing this look.

Makes clothing of different items aka

After coming out of the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ house, Urfi Javed keeps doing these kinds of things with her clothes. Sometimes a dress is made from silver foil and sometimes a top is made by wrapping flowers in plastic tape. Sometimes from bags, sometimes from stones, sometimes from blades and wires, alias Javed has made clothes.

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