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The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

Priyanka Chopra has got an important role in this Hollywood movie, should I go to see this movie of Matrix franchise or not? Read, Review

The Matrix Resurrections Highlights:

  • The fourth film in the Matrix franchise released two decades later.
  • The story is about a man’s battle with artificial intelligence.
  • Priyanka Chopra has a small but important role in this film.

Actors – Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jaida Pinkett, Priyanka Chopra, Jonathan Grove
Director – Lana Vachovsky
Series – English, Science Fiction, Action
Time- 2 hours 28 minutes
Critical Rating – 3/5

The Matrix Resurrections story

This is the fourth film in the Matrix franchise to be released almost two decades later. The story of the Matrix Resurrections is strong, but it is also relevant to today’s time.

The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailor

The Matrix Resurrections Review

This week has been tremendous for Cinema Lovers. And even in that, fans of Hollywood movies seem to have fun. When we see the reunion of the three Spider-Man in the movie Spider-Man – No Way Home, the experience of seeing the Matrix on the screen once again is thrilling.

Leather jackets, goggles, motorcycle boots, bikes … all of these are back on screen once again. Viewers had a similar experience when Linda Hamilton made a comeback in the Terminator series two years ago.
It is worth mentioning that before the red light, the green light of the squid game, two capsules made a fuss on the screen. Blue and red. Our lives depend on our decisions.

The same thing is shown in the film. More than 20 years have passed. Director Lana Vachovsky depicts the battle between man and artificial intelligence. Presents the confusion of the real and the artificial world. The on-screen story through Neo (Keanu Reeves) will force viewers to question their own existence.

This era has changed. We are in the age of super-intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence is now at home. So the story of Matrix 4 seems to be more relevant. Viewers will be able to connect with it.

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Lana Wachowski has once again sent Thomas or Neo on an exciting journey.

A world where one has to move away from reality to achieve oneself. Lana’s direction is very good. From the action choreography to the visual effects, the grandeur seen in the Matrix series is maintained in this film.
Director Lana doesn’t focus much on the romance between Neo and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). But has advanced it in philosophical terms. There are no more action sequences in the film.

You will be disappointed if you watch the movie hoping for an action sequence. Sometimes you will feel that the film is getting a little stretched. In many scenes, you will remember the previous films. You will be able to connect with previous films. Although a bit weak in terms of entertainment compared to previous films, it can be counted as a good sequel film.

Looking at Kianu Reeves, it seems that perhaps he himself is still undecided as to whether the decision to return to the screen with the character of Neo is the right one. Carrie has played the role of Trinity well. Looking at her, it cannot be said that she is doing this role after two decades.

Jonathan Groff has done well in the role of Agent Smith. Priyanka Chopra’s role is small, but she will be seen in an important role. Priyanka has done her job well.

Matrix 4 is a sequel that will take you back in time. To watch a movie, you need to know the background of previous movies. If you haven’t seen the first three movies, you are advised to watch them first.

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