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Tina Datta, Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta makes reentry in bigg boss 16 ends friendship with Shalin Bhanot after returning home

Saturday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ was fun. Bigg Boss held the key to Tina Dutta and Sumbul Taukeer Khan’s stay in Shaleen Bhanot’s house. Even though the host of the show Salman Khan counted to 10, Shali did not press the buzzer and saved 25 lakh rupees. After which Tina is eliminated from the show due to low votes. After which the atmosphere of the house changes. Everyone who thought Shaleen Bhanot would shed a lot of tears after Tina’s homelessness turned out to be wrong. Rather, they were shocked to see Shaleen and Priyanka’s friendship. However, here Bigg Boss makes a big bet and Tina returns.

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The new promo of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is out

In the December 11 promo of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, it is seen that Shaleen Bhanot’s face turns pale seeing Tina back. His acting starts again. Shalin did the same in the previous episode too but Srijeeta, Shiv and Nimrat caught her act.

Shaleen had predicted that Tina would go

In the December 11 episode, you will see Shaleen standing by Sreejeeta Dey and Archana Gautam in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Archana says, you didn’t know that he would go? Then Shaleen says, when Salman said Sir 7, I understood that Tina will go. Even though I counted to 9 I said nothing. I can’t do it for everyone because if the prize money goes to 0 then the motivation will die. After which Srijita says, you were crying a lot yesterday. Then Shaleen shows her true colors and says, seeing me, I think I will cry for someone? I say I’m just worried about my food. What do you think…I didn’t particularly like T and I wouldn’t even go out and talk to her. Srijita is shocked to hear this.

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Tina’s return

The promo of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ further shows that Tina Dutta is seen sitting in the confession room on TV. Seeing this, the housemates are pleasantly surprised, and the ground seems to have slipped from under Shaleen Bhanot’s feet. Bigg Boss says, friendship test is the most fun to watch. Shaleen’s face loses color and says, Hey, Bigg Boss what is this? Bigg Boss asks, will he sacrifice 25 lakh rupees and save Tina by pressing the buzzer? After which Shaleen immediately presses the buzzer and calls Tina. Seeing this, Archana, Soundarya and Sumbul are a little disappointed.

Tina takes off Shaleen’s mask

Tina Dutta taunted as soon as she came home and said, why didn’t I press the buzzer that day and why did I press it today even though I knew I was going? Tina said, it takes so much time to think? If I had been polite, I would have suppressed it by the count of three. If you can’t be with your friend, you can’t be with anyone Shalin Bhanot. Then Shaleen asked him, do you want to go? Then Tina refuses.

Tina does not trust Shalin Bhanot

Tina goes on to say, I know what you were doing after I left. You were dancing there. The song was singing after I left. I got a reality check. This is the fact. Shaleen says you are kidding right? I don’t believe this. Then Tina angrily says, I can’t trust you Shalin Bhanot.

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