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Tunisha Sharma Death: Ex-bf Sheezan Khan CRIES while narrating BREAK-UP STORY to police… READ SHOCKING DETAILS | People News

Actress Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case is still being investigated. The Mumbai Police is continuously interrogating Tunisha’s ex-boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Mohammad Khan. As per the latest reports, Sheezan is not cooperating with the police during investigation. He is repeatedly changing his statements in police custody.

Sheezan wept bitterly during interrogation

In police custody, Sheezan Mohammed Khan is telling different stories of his breakup with Tunisha Sharma. Now it has come to light that Sheejan started crying during interrogation in front of the female officer at the police station on the question of his breakup.

Revelations made during interrogation

During interrogation, Sheezan Khan has made several revelations regarding his relationship with Tunisha Sharma. Sheezan earlier said they broke up due to different religions. Then changing the statement, he said that there was a lot of age difference between the two and the family was not happy, so he had to break up with her.

Sheezan remained silent during initial interrogation.

According to the woman officer, earlier Sheezan Khan remained silent and it was difficult to guess anything by looking at his gestures. But, during the interrogation last night, he could not control himself and started crying on the questions of breakup.

Tunisha Sharma’s last rites performed today

Tunisha Sharma’s last rites were performed at Mira Road at 4 pm today. Tunisha’s death has left everyone shocked and heartbroken. Tunisha committed suicide by hanging herself in the make-up room on the set of her show ‘Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul’ on 24 December. Tunisha’s family has blamed Sheejan for the death.

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