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Uorfi Javed makes one shoulder top from cling wrap and flowers, this time Uorfi Javed made a top from cling wrap and flowers.

Internet sensation aka Uorfi Javed is popular for his unique style and extravagant clothes. While some people like Urfi Javed’s fashion sense, there is also a section of social media that trolls him. Urfi, who had applied silver foil on her body a few days ago, has once again done a new experiment. Recently Urfi Javed has uploaded a new video on social media. In which he has made a top from a plastic film. Also fake flowers have been used.

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What did Urfi Javed wear this time?

Urfi Javed has this time taken cling wrap which is usually used to cover food to prepare the outfit. Urfi has wrapped this plastic film on her body and arranged the flowers to cover her breasts. Urfi made a one-shoulder top out of this cling wrap and wore it with mom jeans (oversized jeans). Urfi completed her look with a high ponytail. In this video shared on social media, you can see that Urfi laughs as she is walking in Tushan.

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‘No match for Ranveer Singh’

Some fans on social media have praised Urfi’s look and creativity. So there are some people who are trolling him. One user wrote, ‘Now what kind of dress is this?’ Another user wrote, ‘What kind of dress is this, where can I get it in the market?’ Another user pointed to the cello tape and wrote, ‘Ghar tape is aka theft.’ One user wrote, “This flowery auntie turned beautiful barfi from cashew nuts.” Also, one user wrote that, ‘If he does anything, he will be behind Ranveer Singh.’ Some users advised Alias ​​to wear clothes that cover the entire body.

Alias ​​criticisms don’t matter

Urfi Javed keeps getting trolled because of his fashion but he doesn’t care. In an interview given to Bombay Times a few days back, she said, “Everyone wears good clothes, makeup to look good. Whatever I do, I do it for myself because we all want to look good and be happy from within. If people get excited by my clothes, that’s their question, they need help.”

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