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Uorfi Javed slams photographers for commenting on her clothes – uorfi or urfi javed slams photographers for commenting on her clothes

Urfi Javed (Uorfi/Urfi Javed) designs and wears her own clothes, but she often becomes a topic of discussion by wearing completely different clothes than usual. But she doesn’t like anyone to comment on her clothes. In this way, when the people who come to take photos and videos of the celebs are commenting on each other, what they say to the celebs is also recorded. During one such video, alias Javed became enraged by a comment made by a photographer/videographer and lashed out at the photographers at the ongoing event over the comment he made on his clothes.


Urfi Javed’s anger reached the seventh sky
Kayam alias Javed is seen in a fun mood with photographers. However, in the video during the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa launch party, the photographer says something that upsets Urfi.

Angry Urfi questioned the photographers about the words heard in this video. In the background of the video, someone says something inappropriate. Due to which Urfi was seen in anger.

Photographers were kicked out at the ongoing event
An angry Urfi said, “Last time I was on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, one of you commented that Aaj dhang ke kapade pahen ke I hai.” He played this recording and questioned “Whose voice is this? Whose voice is this, I ask you..” Urfi also played this video on the speaker for everyone to hear. However, even the photographers were stunned to hear this and no one said anything about it. After this he also said that you must know but you are not giving the name.

‘I respect you.. and what am I getting?’
Regarding the comments about her clothes, Urfi says, “I’m not here for this, please.. If you want to comment on clothes, go home. No one will comment on my clothes after today. I give you a lot of respect, And what am I getting in return? Please! That’s what I came to say.”

After saying this, she storms out of the event, but her anger calms down and she comes back in front of the photographers and poses for them. Along with this, he also advises the photographers that this should not happen again.

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