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Urfi Javed complains of harassment by a man from punjabi industry

Actress Urfi Javed has written a long post on social media sharing some photos. In which he said that a person working in the Punjabi film industry is exploiting and harassing him. Urfi Javed also shared screenshots of the conversation he had with the person. In which it is known that the person has demanded sexual favors and is blackmailing. Also seems to be asking to come on video call and compromise.

Urfi Javed shared this photo and wrote, ‘This person has been bothering me for a long time and now I have all the proofs. The guy started blackmailing me and said that if I don’t have video call sex with him, he will circulate my photo on all Bollywood handles and ruin my career. That person was blackmailing me for cyber-rape.’

Even after 14 days, Mumbai Police has not taken any action!

Urfi Javed wrote, ‘I am disappointed with our legal system. I lodged an FIR in Goregaon Police Station. No action has been taken even after 14 days. I had heard good things about Mumbai Police. But, the behavior towards this person is strange. I don’t even know how many women there are whose complaints have not been acted upon. Urfi Javed also said that this person is a danger to society and women. Her name is Sera Kishore. I have worked with his sister Asana Kishore. This guy is openly working in the Punjabi industry. Commenting on this post of Urfi Javed, Rakhi Sawant wrote that, if you need anything, tell me. I am always with you.

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