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vaishali takkar suicide case, Vaishali takkar’s personal pictures and wife underground, what is troubling the police in Rahul’s story? – Actress Vaishali Takkar suicide case: shocking revelations in police investigation after Rahul Navlani’s arrest

After the arrest of accused Rahul Navlani in the suicide case of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame Vaishali Takkar, the Indore police has taken up the investigation more quickly. The police arrested Rahul Navalani recently when it was reported that he was on his way to Indore from Dewas. The police are now interrogating Rahul on remand. His mobile phone and electronic devices have also been seized. Indore Police Commissioner Harinarayan Chari Mishra said that Rahul Navalani’s interrogation and investigations so far have come to light.

He said that the police have taken the accused Rahul Navalani on remand and are interrogating him. He is being interrogated after seizing his mobile phone and electronic devices, which he used. The police commissioner said that the accused had personal pictures and videos of Vaishali Thakkar in his phone, for which he was blackmailing her.

He said, ‘An important thing has come to light in this matter. The accused had some personal photos and videos of her (Vaishali Thakkar), which another young man (who was to be married) sent to her, creating a situation where the incident took place. The police have started collecting all the evidence in this matter. The police are in touch with the cyber lab regarding some matters like, data lock etc.’ The police are currently trying to trace the messages and videos, which were sent to another youth and forced on Vaishli. Rahul is still constantly giving round-the-clock answers to police questioning. He is not cooperating at all in the investigation.

Rahul’s wife is not involved, one thing is bothering the police
Rahul Navalani was picked up by the police from Omex City between Dewas and Indore. But, his wife was not involved. It is not yet known where she is now and where Rahul has kept her hidden. Rahul is also not telling anything about it. During interrogation, he told the police that after Vaishali’s suicide, he and his wife had run away separately, not together. So, he does not know where his wife is now. But, the police are also wondering why Rahul and his wife Vaishali escaped separately after Thakkar’s suicide?

Vaishali Thakkar took Rahul’s name in the suicide note
Vaishali Thakkar committed suicide at her home in Indore on the late night of October 15. Police found a suicide note from the spot, in which he blamed Rahul for his death. Vaishali also wrote in the note that Rahul was harassing her physically and mentally. Vaishali Thakkar also accused Rahul’s wife of harassment. Soon after Vaishali’s suicide, Rahul absconded with his family. But, when caught, during interrogation, he made another shocking revelation. Rahul Navalani told the police that Vaishali had sent a suicide note to his wife Disha 6 hours before committing suicide. When Rahul came to know about it, he told Vaishali’s mother about it. According to Rahul, Vaishali was persuaded by her mother a lot, but she did not believe. Meanwhile, when Rahul came to know that Vaishali had committed suicide, he and his wife ran away separately.

Rahul is declaring himself innocent
Rahul has told the police that he is innocent in the interrogation. But, when he is innocent, it is not understood why he finally deleted the data from his social media account and both mobiles? The police are now trying to recover the deleted data with the help of a cyber lab. The Indore Police Commissioner said that after the data is recovered, a fresh investigation will be started with new evidence.

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