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Vastu Tips: How To Improve Your Marriage And Relationship – What Expert Says | Love, Culture News

By Kuhu Verma

Love makes the world go round… It is love that gives our life meaning. We all have those minor tussles with our spouses, but if these get any bigger, they can lead to conflicts, disputes, and tensions in our home life. Here are some tips and remedies that can be followed to change these circumstances in our personal life.

Relationship Tips:

1. Love yourself first: Our first relationship is with ourselves. If we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about others. We have a happier perspective on life.

2. Respect your partner and their perspective: Don’t try to control each other and respect each other’s point of view. We might learn something from a different point of view.


3. Discover friendship in your relationship: Friendship with your spouse will be the greatest gift you give each other. Becoming each other’s friends will bring you closer.

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Relationship Remedies:

1. Venus (Shukr remedy): If a couple genuinely wants to improve their relationship, they should do the following remedies every Friday:

Donate curd or cream to a married woman on Fridays.

– Observe the Vaibhav Lakshmi fast every Friday with a clear intention of improving the relationship. This fast can be done for 7, 11 or 21 weeks. Not only does this fast improve relationships but it also improves your finances. (Avoid eating outside and anything sour)

If however only one of the partners is doing the remedy then – the girl should do Jupiter’s (Guru) remedy every Thursday by distributing bananas, saffron (kesar), turmeric (haldi), or yellow sweets. The boy should do Venus or Shukra remedies.

2. Don’t install a TV or charge your phones in the bedroom. Minimize the use of electronics in the bedroom.

3. Buy perfumes or deodorants for each other on Friday.

4. Keep a Rose Quartz tree in your home. You can also wear crystal bracelets. Women should wear a rose quartz 7 chakra bracelet and the man should wear a selenite 7 chakra bracelet.

5. Hang pictures of pairs of mandarin ducks, geese, or peonies in your bedroom to enhance love in your relationship. Do not display more than a pair or a single one.

6. Do not keep fresh flowers in the bedroom. Pictures of flowers or printed flower curtains are ok.

7. Drive away negativity in the house by burning loban or sambrani daily in the evening.

The road may be tough but please believe in the universe. A positive mindset can bring about a tremendous change in your life. You can manifest your wishes.

(Disclaimer: Kuhu Verma is a Vastu Expert with All India Institute of Occult Science. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Zee News)

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