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Want Those Smokey Eyes? Makeup Brushes That You Must Have | Beauty/Fashion News

When it comes to learning how to do a smokey eye, there are a few eye makeup brushes that are very necessary for achieving the greatest results. The three eye makeup brushes below, the Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush, Pro Crease Blender Brush, and All Over Eyeshadow Brush, are each a staple for how to apply eye makeup and an excellent place to start when selecting your brushes, whether you’re attempting a more natural smokey eye or a dramatic and bold smokey eye.

Pro Medium or Cream Eyeshadow Brush

The Pro Medium or Cream Eyeshadow Brush is used to apply color to the eyelid and can also be used to add color beneath the eyelid for a smoldering Smokey eye look. You’ll need an eyeshadow brush to make smokey eyes, whether you’re just learning or mastering the technique. Because of the brush head`s size, it may also be used to apply color beneath the eyes along the lash line, as well as smudging pencil liner under the eyes to soften the line and achieve the seductive eye makeup effect seen in so many editorials. and oncelebrities.

When a makeup artist talks about eyes and blending, they are almost certainly referring to this brush. The Pro Crease Blender or Shadow Blending Brush is the key to creating professional-looking smokey eyes, and it`s used in a lot of the amazing smokey eye looks you’ve seen in magazines, on TV, and YouTube, on celebrities, on Pinterest, on Twitter, and beauty blogs. It’s used for contouring and adding color to the crease of the eye.


Shadow Blending Brush

The Shadow Blending Brush blends shadows expertly while softening any sharp lines or edges. Brushes with shorter hair, different kinds of hair, including vegan, some that are fluffy, and this style above are all options, but they should all come to a point, or be tapered so that the tip of the brush fits flawlessly into the crease of your eye. This is a critical stage in learning how to achieve smokey eyes, and it’s a must-have eye makeup brush for any makeup artist or beginner.

Tapered Shadow Blending Brush

Aside from being an essential tool for creating a smokey eye, the Blender or Tapered Shadow Blending Brush is also an excellent tool for setting concealer. Whether you’re concealing under your eyes or concealing a blemish, the tapered shape allows for precise application. Expect flawless results every time. To avoid color transfer, make sure to wash your brush off any dark or colored shadows before applying your concealer powder.

All-Over Eyeshadow Brush

The All-Over Eyeshadow Brush is a multi-purpose eye makeup brush that may be used to apply to the entire eye region from lashline to brow bone, apply color solely to the lids, or apply color before producing a cat eyeliner appearance. It may also be used to accentuate your smokey eyes and define your brows by accentuating the brow bone with a shimmer or matte shadow in a lighter shade. To create a smokey eye, start directly below your brow with your eyelid and contour color, then apply your base shade such that it touches the contour color slightly above the crease.

Blend the two colors where they meet with your Pro Crease Blender Brush to smooth any strong lines and finish your eyes. Use your Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush to smudge an eyeliner pencil around the top and bottom lash lines and beneath the eyes to soften the liner.

This is an excellent tip for creating smoldering smokey eyes while keeping your liner from bleeding. Sweep an eyeshadow in one of the medium to darker tones used on your lids or in the crease beneath the eyes and along the lash line/eyeliner with your pro medium eyeshadow brush. Leave your shadow and liner alone if you want a softer, more muted appearance.

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The next brush to consider is either a pointed eyeliner brush or an angled eyeliner brush if you’ve mastered how to achieve smokey eyes and want to add a few more brushes to your arsenal. Both of these makeup products are fantastic for lining the eyes. If you want to use a gel liner, you should choose an angled eyeliner brush or a deluxe pointed eyeliner brush, as both will give you a precise line and control over the finished liner.

(Sonal Hankare, Head of Marketing, Proarte)

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