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Wearing Horrendous Looking Abayas: Gauahar Khan Blasts Rakhi Sawant For Performing Umrah, Insulting Islam | People News

New Delhi: B-Town’s ‘Drama Queen’ and reality show entertainer Rakhi Sawant has been all over the news for her ugly spat with her husband Adil Khan Durrani. The actress while speaking to mediapersons confessed that she has accepted Islam after her marriage to Adil Khan, a claim which was rejected by the latter, who called it a ‘publicity stunt’. Amid both parties levelling some serious allegations against each other, Rakhi jetted off to Saudi and performed Umrah. The actress dropped several videos from Mecca where she performed Umrah. Upon her return to Mumbai, Rakhi insisted the camerapersons to call her ‘Fatima’. 

Now, actress and former Bigg Boss winner Gauahar Khan took a sharp but indirect dig at Rakhi Sawant and blasted her for using a holy pilgrimage to Umrah for her publicity stunt. Gauahar took to her Instagram handle and reposted a story on how a Qatar charity sent 20 orphans to Umrah. Atop it, Gauahar penned her heart out and, without taking a direct name, expressed there are some taking Islam as a joke. While she did not mention Rakhi Sawant in her post, there was no guessing that she was not happy with Rakhi, who she believed was using Umrah as a publicity stunt. In her IG story, Gauahar added that “wearing horrendous-looking abayas doesn’t make a person Muslim.”

“N then there r losers taking Islam for granted n making a joke out of this holy pilgrimage which is sooooooo sacred to believers of Isla. I wonder how did a drama hungry person get to visit n use it to create more drama ??? One minute u have accepted Islam , the next minute” oh I didn’t do it willingly ” .. what bull shit. U don’t deserve to understand the beauty of Islam if u can discard it n accept it when’ it suits your publicity hungry stunts ! Shameless creatures.”

She further wrote, “I wish a board of Islam in india or Saudi takes strict action against such publicity stunts, so people can’t exploit something sacred ! N by the way wearing horrendous looking abayas doesn’t make u Muslim, having akidah n understanding the 5 pillars of Islam, being a good human being, a true human being, n love of Allah makes u a Muslim. Any Faith is in the heart, u don’t need 59 cameras to showcase it. #micdrop.”

Netizens also commented over the same and slammed Rakhi Sawant for using her Umrah visit as a publicity stunt. A few social media users accused Rakhi Sawant of mocking Hindu as well as Muslim religions for her own personal gains and to remain in the limelight. 


When Rakhi Sawant shared her side of the story and revealed Adil forcefully made her convert


Rakhi Sawant recently conducted a press conference where she accused her husband and UAE-based businessman Adil Khan Durrani of forcing her to accept Islam after their marriage. Rakhi claimed that Adil wanted her to be like former actress and businesswoman Sana Khan who bid her goodbye to the showbiz industry. 

In a press conference, Rakhi got an emotional breakdown as she shared the ordeal she had gone through. Rakhi revealed that in the five months of marriage, Adil had physically assaulted and hit her several times. She registered a complaint against him in the police station in February accusing him of cheating, assault, and fraud. 

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