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Well known fashion designer exposes industry celebs after Pratyusha Garimella’s death – after prathyusha garimella demise some fashion designers talks about real face of industry

Celebrity fashion designer Prathyusha Garimella was found dead in her apartment on Saturday, shocking industry insiders. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him. Pratyusha, 35, gained popularity after launching her own fashion brand. Some of them were for Tollywood and Bollywood’s Shriya Saran, Lakshmi Manchu, Rakul Preet Singh, Kajal Agarwal, Gauhar Khan, Ravi Tandon, Neha Dhupia, Huma Qureshi, Rana Daggubati, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Juhi Chawla and Bhoomi Pednekar. . Pratyusha was also a popular name in the social circuit of Hyderabad and used to go to parties regularly where celebrities used to come. Police seized a carbon monoxide cylinder from his bedroom and have registered a case and taken further action.

Celebrity fashion designer Pratyusha Garimela’s body found at home
For the last few days, Pratyusha has been looking different: friends
According to Pratyush’s friends, she has not been like him for the last few days. ‘She was a normal social person, but had been different for the last few days. She just wanted to be with herself and keep herself away from friends’, said a friend who was part of Pratyusha’s inner circle.

‘Two days ago he fired the entire social media team and said he was thinking of closing the shop. She seemed to be under a lot of stress at work and she was very anxious’, said the friend. Pratyusha lived alone in a studio apartment in Film Nagar, Hyderabad, where Tollywood celebs live. Despite being in contact with her parents, she felt lonely, her friends revealed.

Pratyusha’s close friends revealed that she had been under work pressure for the past few weeks. The fashion designer was to launch the new collection but a few days before the launch, her artisans were leaving the project halfway through. The fashion designer told her that the industry is not just about glamor and stunning outfits. There is so much stress and cut throat competition that makes it difficult for people.

Designer Anushree Reddy, who has known Pratyusha for the last 15 years, said, “People feel that the fashion industry is all about glamorous and fun. But not at all. It requires hard work and you are under a lot of stress. There is pressure to be creative, because people want new and different kinds of clothes. Then comes marketing, dealing, sellers and clients etc … ‘.

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Apart from work pressure, Pratyusha was also financially stressed. ‘People tell me,’ You sell expensive saris, so you’ll make more money. ‘They don’t know how much I give to weavers and staff. I do it without guaranteeing that the clothes I make will actually sell. What we earn by selling it is used to pay the bills just like everyone else ‘, said designer Gaurang Shah.

Gaurang added, “Sometimes I spend three years making a sari and when I launch it in the market, someone copies it and sells it at a cheaper price. Some of the shops he lied to were designed by Gaurang Shah or he supplied me. It’s not easy to deal with high pressure between copying and a lot of competition, it affects your mental health. ‘

For many designers, the constant need to keep proving their abilities is mentally tedious. “The fashion industry is not just about names,” said fashion designer Anisha Wuppala. There is a lot of work stress. Dealing with the demands of both customers and workers is not always easy to handle. Although I am very enthusiastic about the work I do, there are often days when I feel mentally inactive. This is not an easy business. ‘

“I didn’t know Pratyusha very well,” said designer Vineti Bolaki, referring to the pressurized environment of the industry. But each of us was saying ‘twist’ for some reason. Her news shocked me. Often the only thing that becomes clear is that everyone wants to be a designer in some way and they think that once a celebrity takes the outfit he designed, he will achieve it. Let me tell you, glamor is just nonsense. ‘

He added, ‘Celebrities who wear your clothes don’t pay! You have to courier the dress, they wear it and then come back to you. It has makeup stains on it … you can never sell it. So you get hurt in the end. The situation has become more difficult since Corona. People are not kind enough. What you do is a problem, especially when you are a woman. You cannot be more beautiful or successful or rich. There are many rules. The pressure just keeps rising. Only for them do we need to be kind. Just to be kind. It’s already hard to be a woman and don’t make it harder! ‘

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