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Why Tiger Shroff Is India’s Durable Action Star? | People News

New Delhi: Let’s just face it, it’s hard to imagine Bollywood now without Tiger Shroff’s periodic action releases. The franchise of ‘Heropanti’ and ‘Baghi’ are perhaps a substantial contribution to Bollywood’s action cinema of late. His latest release, ‘Ganapath’ stars the actor as the lead and also as the locus of the film’s action. 

Movie after movie, we see Tiger Shroff, in his own Tiger-ey way, dancing through exceptionally choreographed carnage scenes. More than the bloodshed, it’s his agile movement that keeps one hanging on the edge. Defeating various assassins, involuntarily, eyes are fixated at the center of it all – Tiger Shroff. (… and because he is usually shirtless


Tiger Shroff made his acting debut in ‘Heropanti’ and that is exactly where the promise of Shroff as an emerging action star really started to show. His dancing abilities, martial arts skills, and commitment to performing his own stunts earned him solid recognition. He’s the film’s lead dancer glaced with martial arts proficiency and when he moves through an action sequence, the grace of a ballet dancer is evidently visible. 

With ‘Heropanti’ registering a decent success at the Box Office, Tiger Shroff also appeared in ‘Baaghi’, ‘War’, ‘Baaghi 2’, etc. Given his dancing prowess, Tiger in ‘Munna Michael’ and ‘Student of the Year 2’ is a clear amalgamation of a film’s character and an actor’s persona. 

“I’ve done action films all my life. I’m still fairly new in the industry. It is tough to continuously reinvent myself. The stakes get higher, the premise, the geography, the budget and the landscape get bigger and bigger. So, it gets tough to reinvent myself in this space, and I feel there’s a lot more to explore,” Tiger Shroff told reporters at ‘Ganapath’ press conference. 

While Akshay Kumar did take off as an action figure, the iconic ‘Khiladi’ actor has now settled for the responsible brand image instead. With the absence of John Abraham, and irregular action-figure appearances from the rest notable actors, it is the era of the bodily-expressive Tiger Shroff. 

Before you go, did we remind you that Tiger Shroff jumped from one helicopter to another in ‘Baaghi 2’? It was downright awesome. 


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