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Will Your Ex Come Back To You? Here’s What These 5 Tarot Cards Say | Culture News

Matters of the heart are both overwhelming and at the same time heart-wrenching. Logic doesn’t work because as they say, the heart wants what it wants. If you have broken up with your ex, but are still pining for them, tarot might just be able to help you, says Annie Titus, a Tarot Card Expert from All India Institute of Occult Science. “Tarot is no medieval technique of casting a spell to get what you want by looking into a crystal ball; it makes you enlightened towards exploring every aspect of your love life and understand the vibrations that bind you to this one person who means the world to you, and you would put in your best to reconcile,” says Annie Titus. Let’s explore a spread of five to see if it connects with you.


Card 1- Death Card

Your ex-lover is hurt by your words or actions and that may be a reason why she/he has moved away from you. There are people around him to make him end this relationship and start a new phase; however, he/she is still clinging to the relationship inwardly. They find no way to reconcile even if they try, for they feel that the time has passed and there is no turning back. The card depicts a change of heart.

Card 2 – 6 Of Cups

This can denote the time for reviving past nostalgic moments which are deeply rooted as memories in you and your lover, and you still want to rekindle the flame of love back in your lives. The card denotes hope of reconciliation. It’s time to heal past wounds or past grievances which may have caused the breakup phase. Reliving the good memories of the past will help you both get comfort.

Card 3 – Lovers

The card covers various aspects like attraction, seduction, choice and desire for reunion. You both are at different polarities but still are attracted towards each other. You both have experienced the blissful life of being together at the primal stage and still feel tempted towards it. The card advises you to be more vulnerable for the more vulnerable you will be, the deeper connection the connection with your ex-lover from the point of having him back in your life.

Card 4 – Wheel Of Fortune

You will feel a major shift in your relationship. The time has come to ponder upon the whole time frame of the relationship. There are external forces which have been a key factor in the separation between you and your lover projecting you to be with negative energies. Be open to letting fate play its part for there is every chance of reunion, you must accept the way things take a turn for surely your lover is making a way back home to you.

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Card 5 – Temperance

The card suggests you have patience and positively handle things. Do not be compulsive if you want your ex to come back to you with a good heart. The time has come for you to interact with your ex and harmoniously communicate your feelings and give a considerate listen to him/ her as well.




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